Pillar of Skylines - Graduation Project
  Dive between the horizons of an ancient world.

  Smaller and smaller. Faster and faster. A self-imposed rhythm game.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Step in Books
  VR adaptation of the classic novel illustrated by Andrea D'Aquino.

Mur - a VR experience - Step in Books
  VR adaptation of the book and app Mur, a Step in Book.

Underrain: Bot Tactics
  Spin-Off Puzzle of the game Underrain, made in 4 days with the Pillar of Skylines team.

Virtuous Circle
  The adventures of an otter, a human and a bird helping each other overcome dangers.

Fish n' Tricks - OhBiBi! partnership
  Racing mobile game between acrobatic flying fishes.

Microwave Tycoon 2077 - Global Game Jam
  Manage a microwave center in this MicrowavePunk uchronia.

Unbound Atlas
  Manipulate an infinite, recursive universe shaping unique pieces of light and sound.


Sprout Collection
  Shuuzaar's very own collection of quality sprouts.

Gly'd - ZooMachines
  Dive into the void, pull back to glide, hold the moment, make it last.

Bamboo that Bends - ZooMachines
  A twisted Bamboo structure, listen to the voices and grab the colours.

Rolling Poui - Enigami partnership
  Bouncing Runner. Proof of Concept commanded by ENIGAMI.

Lilya ran Away
  Help Lilya escape their problems at the speed of light.

  We all have our Demons, DEMONBOX is the first service to put them in a box.

  Tribute to Sutte Hakkun, a quiet Summer of moving platforms.

Offspace Park
  Take a short break from playing video games and meet the visitors of Offspace Park.

  A Constellation Garden hidden in a boundless Serendipitous Puzzle.

Stress Edge
  An endless Beat them all inside a Kaleidoscope.

H(a)UNT - Gameloft partnership
  Fear the Spirits or Trick the Hunters, two ways to play for 5 players.

Luce - Microsoft Imagine Cup Finalist
  Find your way through the dark of Night, in the City, let there be light.

  Colour-shifting puzzle hidden in a relaxing triangle pattern toy.

Eiffel Mania - with Supinfogame Pune, India
  Hop in a cannon and go shopping through the Eiffel Tower at the speed of sound.

Liminal ✨️ - Global Game Jam
  Explore and Build, with your Shaman songs, a dream-like world.

Remains of the Path
  A Tower Defense in which the base moves at night, and the units during the day.


Alter Élus
  Frenzy voting card game simulating real life politics, with giraffes.

  A Zombie must discretely eat belly dancers in this stealth-based "rhythm" game.

Panic Mappers - Gameloft partnership
  Mobile cooperation game in which you must capture a killer using physical cards.

  Discover the secret of an Island on which you cannot die in this interactive book.

Hand in Hand - Love Jam
  Cooperation game in which you must hold hands in order to play.

Color Way - Hits Playtime
  Test your mind on more than 100 levels of colour-mixing madness.


チミモ 「chimimo」 - with Trident, Nagoya, Japan
  Chikuchikus and Mokumokus fight each others, none shall win and none shall lose.

モノリト 「monolit」 - Tokyo Game Show Student Showcase
  Play as the abstract incarnation of movement in a world you may not be a part of.

Le Don d'Aloysius
  Metaphorical narrative Point'n'Click about Alzheimer's disease.

  Racing game on a vertical, magnetic board using movable platforms, from Hell.